In an Economy where
Everything Counts.

Propane Company in Delta Colorado

Propane Discount Programs
with Pioneer Propane

At Pioneer Propane, we go to great lengths to make your experience with us rewarding and meaningful. Sure, we are a just a propane company, but we understand that in good business, both the business and the customer should benefit.

Pre-Buy Program

Buy your winter propane in advance and save. With this program, you can lock your rate for the winter. Simply make the order and pay before October 1st of each year. Then enjoy the propane at the lower fixed rate throughout the winter months. (Minimum of 500 gallons required for this program.)

Cash Discount 10 Cents Per Gallon

Pay cash for your propane or pay within 10 days of service and save! 10 Cents per gallon might not seem like much but in an economy where every penny counts, you can put the savings to use where you choose.

Free Propane Refill

Fill any 20, 30 or 100 gallon propane cylinder 5 times and get the next one free. Wow! That’s up to 100 gallons of free propane just for going about your regular activities.

At Pioneer Propane, we understand the importance of doing things right, like placing the highest priority on customer satisfaction and value. This stands to reason since our roots in the area stretch back over 100 years. If you are looking for dependability and straightforward pricing for your propane needs, you won’t go wrong choosing Pioneer Propane as your service provider.

No hidden charges, free tank swap, route delivery, and 24-hour emergency service are just a few of the reasons our customers continue to use us for all their propane needs.

Customer Referral Benefits

Tank Swap & Propane Order

If you know someone who wants to swap their tank from another company for one from Pioneer Propane, refer them to us and when the swap is complete and an order for 200 gallons or more of propane is made, you will receive $75 off your next bill.

Know someone who already owns their tank? If they switch over to our service and complete a 200 gallon order, you will receive $25 off your next bill. It’s a win-win. You benefit and your friends also benefit from becoming part of our family

Call or contact us today if you have questions or to get more details about any of our customer loyalty programs.

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